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Dr. Ameri and his staff are amazing. They give 150% to ensure their clients are satisfied with their results and overall experience. They opened their office twice on a Saturday to accommodate my schedule and Dr. Ameri personally called me later that day to check in on me. Everyone in the office is super pleasant. The office itself is top notch with the latest technology and they even have massage chairs and your own personal tv to help make the visit to the dentist enjoyable. Dr. Ameri is super talented and improved my smile. He exceeded my expectations. 2 thumbs up.

Melanie Mitchum

Honestly never felt comfortable going to the dentist until I came here. Linda is super sweet, very helpful and goes into detail to make sure you understand things. The staff is also very welcoming. Would definitely recommend going to Lakeshore.

-Jessica Barcenas

I should have gone to your office much sooner! I could have spared myself the pain, worry & stress over my tooth infection. You are a Dentist par excellence, Dr. Ameri!!! You are a master of your craft! I have a fear of undergoing dental procedures but you have made me feel at ease and comfortable, too! And not only that your office is very impressive but your staff are friendly and courteous as well. It as a great visit! Thank you again for taking care of me today...

A. Abad

Dr. Ameri is my husband's dentist. My husband is a tongue/neck Stage 4 Cancer survivor. After weeks of radiation 4 years ago, my husband's teeth were failing him. He couldn't even sink his teeth into bread.

During my husband's first visit, Dr. Ameri explained what needed to be done. He was sensitive to our financial needs and understood the care we needed without making us feel that there was only one option. Dr. Ameri's chair side manner is unlike any other. His care is genuine before, during, and after each procedure.

His staff treated my husband with dignity and extraordinary care. The facility has the feeling of home with beauty and comfort.

If you are looking for a dentist, you can stop browsing and clicking because you found the dentist you deserve.

My husband definitely has a dentist for life and a "Smile by Ameri".

Thank you, Dr. Ameri. You gave him the boost he needed.

Wanda Ardoin

Dr.Ameri is an artist with a genuine love for what he does. I'm on a journey of correcting bad habits that developed into poor hygiene. I'm thankful for the informational videos and patience Dr. Ameri has exp...ressed. Even though Dr.Ameri is the dentist none of his work can be appreciated without the assistance of the receptionist, financial, and dental hygienists. The staff is so professional and accommodating. You are made to feel important because they genuinely concerned about your well being. I am thankful that Dr. Ameri and his staff were recommended to me. It has been an awesome experience and I'm looking forward to a long partnership. Thank you Dr. Ameri.

A. Browder

I recently had to have a root canal done. Having had two root canals previously by other dentists, I was dreading the appointment. My root canal by Dr. Ameri was absolutely painless! He made sure I was comfortable the entire time I was in the chair. I was actually able to just close my eyes and relax during the procedure! Dr. Ameri is the consumate professional. His staff is warm & friendly, very efficient & informative. I will definitely tell everyone I know that Dr. Ameri has taken dentistry to a whole new level!

Trisha S.

I really apreciate all of your work on this and I know you consider this what you do for a living but to me you are way beyond just a Dentist. You have changed my life. Starting with taking away the TMJ and everything that went with it to me enjoying standing in the jetway at work and smiling at the passengers and greeting and talking with them, something I never would have dreamed I would be doing.
I want to say thanks a million.


February 11, 2014
I just wanted to write and thank Dr. Ameri for his great work. After getting a LOT of work done by Dr. Ameri and his team I moved to Minnesota. Every single time I go in for a cleaning or check-up I am asked who did my crowns and told that they did an amazing, high quality job. I knew I was getting great service from Dr. Ameri but it's great to hear other dentists agree just by looking at his work. So thank you Dr. Ameri and your team for such great service and for being such a friendly group of professionals!

Lauren Dominguez

November 07, 2012
Dr. Ameri
I would once again like to thank you for being so kind and working with me on this, I don’t know of any other dentist that would do this. And when I put anything on the social network to let people know about you, and what a great dentist you are, and you don’t make your patience’s feel like it’s only about the money, as many dentist do. With you it’s about your smile and giving a person back their self confidence to smile, without hiding their mouth. (But I do let them know your prices are competitive with other dentist in your field, but your just better than they are.) Once again Thank you

Bronis Donnelly

Dr. Ameri and all the staff are awesome! I'm really happy with the quality of service and attention they provide. I was nervous about choosing a cosmetic dentist over an orthodontist, but he has proven to be a great provider and they are willing to work with me whenever I have any issues or concerns. I highly recommend them!

Michelle B.

Absolutely the best experience ever! All of the staff is so personable and welcoming, Dr. Ameri is so way going and explains exactly what is going on!

Bethany Pilar Anguiano

VERY relaxed environment. Very through and Dr. Ameri educates you with video and explanations.

Timia Baldwin Lott

I love Dr. Ameri! He has a wonderful bedside manner, he listens, and always does a fabulous job with my teeth. He saved my tooth from having a root canal, and ended up with only a filling. Today, he quickly fixed a tooth I broke! I highly recommend him and his staff. Sometimes it's hard to find a good dentist, and he was recommended to me by a friend, and I loved it here so much on my first visit, I have continued to drive for all of my dental needs - it's worth the drive! It's also easy to get an appointment.

Nikki Miller

I live in the medical center where there are a plethora of dental offices, but I make the 45 minute drive to see Dr. Ameri. His staff is efficient, professional, and courteous and the amenities are impeccable. The waiting room has a keurig with a variety of drink options with a lovely fish tank that actually persuades me to pry my face away from my phone for 45 seconds with is literally how long it takes for them to pick you up. I've been to places where I've had to wait for approximately 5 years looking through magazines from 6 months ago. The treatment rooms are clean with a beautiful and serene garden view. Also if you're not into the whole nature thing they also have a TV where you can watch shows and also view a magnetized image of your own teeth. That alone is enough to horrify you into wanting to floss until your sink is full of blood and tears of regret. But after a few minutes of Linda's cleaning I start to feel human again and my oral hygiene fears are put to rest. But here's where it really starts to get impressive. I used to struggle with DAILY debilitating headaches for years and sought out TONS of doctors to alleviate my symptoms. Dr. Ameri had the prudence and the medical know how to root out the source and not just help me with the symptoms but CURE the cause of my headaches. This was life changing. With Invisalign I turned from being an grouchy intolerable human being into a mildly obnoxious eccentric ( some things can't be helped.) And THAT is why I make the 45 minutes drive.

Maureen S.

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